Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Living and Working in Edinburgh, Scotland or the UK

Dear readers, anyone thinking about coming to Edinburgh, Scotland, or anywhere else throughout UK might find this information helpful, because what I explain in this post may be valid not only for who's coming to the city where I live.

If you are citizens of the European Union, we are under the right to move and live freely within the territory of the Member States. If you are citizens of another country not listed in the Union I suggest you get in touch with the authorities in your country (including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or being informed, through the Consulate or Embassy of the United Kingdom.

• Entering the Country

If you are a citizen of the European Union (or European Economic Area) just need to bring your passport or national identity card.

• Right of residence

If you are coming to the UK looking for a job, you're allowed up to 6 months from the date on which you arrived until you find a job. Thus, you haven't started a job yet, will need to prove that you are looking for work.

-Residence permit:

If you are citizens of the Union (or European Economic Area) you don't have to fill in any residence application form, it's not mandatory to do so.

• Job Search

-Hand out your CV
Pop in to a business or a place where you think it fits your needs and ask for the manager to give it to him.

-Job Centre
It’s the guvernamental office to search for jobs in the UK, they are spread throughout the country, obviously. Once you get started in the city where you want to stay you can, with the help of the postcode of your apartment, find the closest office to you.

-The website Gumtree is highly recommended, is a bulletin board in which are offered flats or apartments for rent, jobs, private language tuituions, 2nd hand bicycles and much more, just select the city where you live and you'll find offers updated daily. Best of all, it's free and there aren’t any middlemen between the person who offers and you.

-Another site of interest is EURES (The European Job Mobility Portal)

-Recruitment Agencies
If, unfortunately, there’s no luck after you kept trying, also check offers through recruitment offices. They, most of the times, offer temporary jobs, but it’s, sometimes, possible to find a indefinite job.


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